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Wellness-Enhancing CBD Snack Bars

Nooro Has Introduced Two New Flavors for Health Support

These new Nooro CBD snack bars have been unveiled by the brand as a series of functional food products for consumers that will offer them a way to get through stressful days and situations. The new flavors include Cacao + Coconut and Banana + Cinnamon, which will help to improve alertness and prevent anxiety, respectively. Each of the bars contain 25 milligrams of CBD that is organically grown, which will help to support the mental performance and cognitive function of the consumer.

The new snacks were boasted by Co-Founder JD Furlong who said, “Nooro’s naturally functional CBD snack bars make the benefits of consuming cannabis more accessible than ever before. With our extended portfolio of natural nootropics and snack bars in popular flavour combinations, Nooro is a convenient and nutritious way for consumers to incorporate CBD into their lives.”

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