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Nootropic CBD Beverages

Tesla Nootropics’ Nanowater Supports the Body with Nano CBD

Nanowater is a new product from Tesla Nootropics that has the potential to help the body replenish itself with just a few simple ingredients. The beverages are made with a base of purified water and CBD isolate that’s been processed through nanotechnology for increased bioavailability. The CBD-infused beverages are available in functional varieties that are designed to promote sleep and help the body recover with electrolytes.

Each tall bottle of water contains 10 milligrams of an organically grown CBD water-soluble crystalline nano formulation concentrate, which is virtually tasteless and colorless.

While the Sleep Nanowater is enhanced with valerian extract and grape flavor, the Electrolyte variety boasts the crisp taste of melon and cucumber, and the original version contains added B12 and a hint of blueberry flavor.

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